Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warm Weather!

As planned I skied three days with my cousin Lisa Hammond, her friends, and on one day with my friend Sven. It was the best weather for skiing of the year with bright sun every day, good snow, and temps in the upper 30's. We skied Sunday at Cooper which is a small mountain which is skied mainly by locals. There was no crowd. We then skied Copper Monday and Tuesday and again there was no crowd. Not counting breaks, we were on the slopes thirteen hours over the three days. Typical routine: ski hard until about to drop, have a few happy-hour drinks, get some dinner, and be in bed by nine. Repeat. Loved it.

Wednesday was a planned day off. Watched my granddaughter and took Lisa to the airport.

Unexpectedly I had to fly to New York City on Thursday and Friday and the weather continued to be warm so my FTP plans were tossed. Saturday I rode 5 hours and Sunday another 2. Next week looks to be another warm week so I will take advantage and go long whenever I have the chance and get some climbing in.

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