Monday, April 9, 2012

Crash on Left Hand Canyon

On Thursday, April 5, I fell while turning in the sand they use here in Colorado for snow and ice. I hit hard but didn't break anything and didn't scratch my bike. But it was the start of a very bad day.

I hit the pavement doing the turn at the intersection of LHC and Jamestown Road Canyon. Fortunately I wasn't going very fast as there is a stop sign and cars come down the canyon pretty fast. Still I hit hard with my forearm hitting first and then my head. Another cyclist was there and checked on me and it was pretty clear to me that nothing was broken. After a couple of minutes of shaking it off I started to ride down LHC since I was 12 miles from home. Almost immediately I had to stop and empty my right glove of blood. That was when I noticed that my right forearm was really torn up and bleeding.

Several people offered me help which I really appreciated but I decided to ride home--it was mostly down hill--and I didn't want to get that much blood in their car. Bad decision.

About five miles from home I passed a runner. A mile later I had a flat. The rear tire had a sharp piece of rock stuck in it. Changing the tire was hard as my right hard and hand were all bloody and hurting. The runner, a woman, caught up and offered to call someone. I must have looked shot. After she left I went to blow up the tire with my CO2 inflator only to find that it was broken. I had to find a small stick to act as the broken lever to inflate the tire. I limped home from there.

Cleaned up while my wife called the doctor to find out where to go. I was sure I would need stitches. Then the day got even weirder. When I hit my forearm I dug out enough flesh that the gash was too wide to stitch together. And somehow I had punched a hole into my arm and then out again (like I drove a rock upward into my arm and then back out).

But the weirdest thing of all was the doctor. I wasn't able to see my usual doctor on short notice. The doctor that did see me looked at my record and then asked me about my big accident last year. He said he cycled upon the accident only a couple of minutes after it had happened. He thought I was dead.


I did a couple of days in the garage and am back on the road albeit with my arm all bandaged up. Hey, if the TdF guys can take the hits they do I can keep going from just a fall.

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