Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last week was a good week and this week is off to a great start. Last week I rode 206 miles and climbed 12,000 feet. Total TSS was 750 and KCal was 6657. Both are the highest since May 2011. In every way my current fitness is two to three weeks ahead of where it was last year.

This week I started pushing beyond the 60-mile, 4,500-feet climb ride doing an 85-mile, 6,600-feet ride on Tuesday. I did this ride at what I feel is all-day pace and it went well. I plan on riding the Double Triple Bypass (DTB)each way at under ten hours. I checked the time required to checkpoints of climbs and distance. They never match up because the climbs and descents just aren't arranged that way. Nevertheless I consider myself on plan. I reached 5,000 feet of climbs at an 8:40 hr elapsed time pace and 60 miles at an 9:20 pace. The entire ride, which is approximately two thirds of a day of the DTB, was on a 9:51 elapsed time pace (I stopped for lunch) for distance and 11:40 climb pace. There wasn't much climbing in the last 20 miles.

BTW, checking the elevations for the DTB the total climbs each day are approximately 11,000 feet instead of 10,000.

The plan continues to be to add distance and climb weekly so that by June 1 I my long ride is 120 miles and 11,000 feet of climbs.

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