Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Summary--Lots of Training

April was either the highest training volume month ever for me or the second. May 2011 was a higher mileage month but in every other measure April 2012 was the most. 63 training hours. 762 miles. TSS of 2881 and just over 26,000 KCal.

Chris Carmichael recently wrote that one of the best measures of training load is KCal. Of course you have to have some power measuring device such as a PowerTap. I can definitely correlate power output and KCal from one ride to another.

Right now I am, I hope, paying the price for the high load in April. My last few rides have not been strong and today's ride (May 1) was pathetic. I have been attempting to get to May 4th exhausted because I would be off the bike for 4 or 5 days on family trip. But I am tiring a few days early. I will slug it out Thursday and Friday and maybe even a trainer ride early Saturday before I fly out and hope to see my energy return plus some strength on Wednesday next week.

Of course what nags in the back of my head is that at 64 I just can absorb this much training and can't recover. That would be very bad for my Eastern Mountain ride this fall.

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