Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Summary

May was a training setback as expected.  There were just too many family events and responsibilities to keep up a hard training program.  From almost every perspective May looked a lot like February or March.  I did get in a fair number of miles, 647, but the intensity of those miles was down considerably from April.
Overall CTL declined from 86 to a low of 72.

May totals: 45 hours training, 646 miles, TSS=2088 and Kcal=19,200.

The weekending June 3rd was back to full work and I was able to stick to my plan of two hard days (e.g. pushing tempo or threshold), two climbing days, and one long day.

Totals: 18:40 training hours, 257 miles, 15,000’ climbs, TSS=801 and Kcal=7736.

There is likely only four serious training days this coming week as I have to help someone move over the weekend.  The plan is one hard (20 minute intervals climbs at threshold), two climbs of over 5,000’, and one long ride of 110 miles.

On Monday, June 4th, there will be 41 days until the Double Triple Bypass.  I am worried about this ride because of the training setback in May.  I had planned on being able to do the first day in 10 hours and the second in 11 (allowing for being tired).  Now I am worried about doing the first day in 12 hours and even finishing the second.  

The PAC Tour Eastern Mountain ride is filling up so I had to commit.  There are now 23 of 30 slots filled.

It has been a year since I was hit by a truck. Progressive has yet to respond to my claim other than to say they have it.

Finally, my friend Ron Volkmar completed his solo ride from San Diego to Jacksonville Fl today.  I am pretty sure it was harder than he expected but he made it.  Doing it solo is much harder than with a group.  Congratulations Ron.

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