Sunday, June 17, 2012

Volume Up--Too Late?

With the major family commitments behind I am getting all the training in my body can absorb.  Unfortunately I think it is too late for me to get to the level of fitness it will take to ride the Double Triple Bypass (DTB)--120 miles and 11,000 feet of climbs on Saturday and back on Sunday.  I have already made a backup plan to ride a bus back to Evergreen Sunday morning if I don't feel I can make the second day.  Having a backup plan almost insures I will use the backup plan. 

Probably I am rationalizing but the DTB was more of a checkpoint that a major goal.  The goal is the Eastern Mountain ride in September. 

But this is all defeatist talking.  It is still three training weeks away and I am in excellent shape.  I just haven't proven to myself I can do a 10-12 hour ride and recover enough to do it again next day.  And given the time left and the need to be careful about how hard I push, I won't know until I am on the route.

Training week summary:  Total Training 39:30 hrs, 256 miles, Total Climb=13,500', TSS=742, and KCal=7300.

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