Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Week of Hard Training Left

Hard to believe there is less than two weeks until the Double Triple Bypass (DTB).  I started training 45 weeks ago for this ride and while I am not quite in the shape I wanted to be I think I am close enough.  The mountains will test me and let me know.

June was a great training month.  Per my plan I had to back off high intensity work to build endurance.  The endurance is up but the high end power is down.  I compensated for that by changing my cassette to an 11-36.  I should be able to grind up a wall with a 36 in back.

June summary:  Total training hours 78:40, total miles 1010, TSS=3114 and KCal=29630.  Total feet climbed in June 65,475.  That is the highest volume, most training hours and most climbs I have ever done training in a month.  I have done more on the Southern Transcontinental.  At the half year point I have rode 3844 miles.   

For the next training week I will continue riding about 20 hours, 250 miles, and 18,000 feet of climbs.  I will shift to tapering either Sunday or Monday next week depending on how my legs feel.  But given the fatigue hole I am starting this week I expect to have to back off by Sunday for sure.  My CTL is 95.  I want to hit 100 before tapering.  With major rides planned on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I should push my CTL to 100 but my TSB is going to be very negative.  Have to watch that carefully.

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