Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Triple Bypass and Accident Insurance Settled

Really to much to write about so let me concentrate on two topics: The Triple Bypass and the final resolution of the accident Memorial Day 2011.

The Triple Bypass is a great ride.  For a ride with 3500 rides going 120 miles and climbing about 11,000 feet it is exceptionally well supported.  I don't do many rides like this because I don't like riding with so many riders of every ability.  But some routes are just hard to do without the support and protection that comes with a big event.  The ride is hard; make no mistake.  The climbs to Juniper and Loveland Passes are hard and long.  Add to the big mountains the afternoon tendency for thunderstorms and you can get every kind of weather.

In fact it was weather on Saturday that caused me to not do the return ride.  My thermometer had it nearly 95 degrees on the Loveland climb until the last turn and then the temp started dropping.  Going down it was raining hard with a little sleet.  I find it exhausting riding brakes hard in a steep down mountain ride with water pouring across the road, gravel washes, and poor visibility.  The same thing happened on the descent of Vail all the way to Avon (32 miles) only the Vail descent is on a twisty bike path with wooden bridges and under passes.  Until Vail I was on pace to complete the ride in ten hours but because of the careful pace it took eleven.  I was spent and didn't want to do another day of rainy descents so I took the bus back to my car.

Still I highly recommend the ride.  Just bring your wet weather gear

Progressive agreed to settle my claims resulting from the truck hitting me on Lefthand Canyon Dr, Memorial weekend 2011.  Initially I was reluctant to get an attorney but was persuaded by my daughter an attorney.  She was so right.  I expected it to be a fair process with Progressive but it was anything but.  Their offers for a very long time did not cover my bike replacement and medical bills.  Not even close.  There are numerous games played by insurance companies to try and pay as little as possible without regard to fairness.    Without an attorney you are hopeless out matched.  My advice if you are ever hit, even slightly, by a car is to call the police and try and get them to do an accident report and the very least file an accident report yourself.  This is critical.  In my case my accident was bad enough that others call 911 and I thank them a lot although I do not know who there were.  And the driver was ticketed and eventually pleaded guilty to a lessor careless driving charge (watch this--a lot of DAs don't want to take the time to press for a guilty plea proving the driver at fault and will let them off without a conviction which can be a problem for you proving liability)  Without that accident report and any subsequent tickets everyone can deny everything including that they were even there.  Second, as soon as you are able, get an attorney.

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