Friday, August 3, 2012

Final Push

It is a Friday night just six weeks before I leave to start the Eastern Mountain Ride (EMR) from Atlanta to Portland Maine.  It is also the beginning of a four-day overload training session. 

But first, where am I in my training.

July was a solid month.  Total training hours 79:50, 1056 miles, TSS=3697 and 31,835 KCal.  Total climbs of 58,900 feet.  June was also above 1000 miles at 1009. 

My CTL is 112 and will go well pass my goal of 115 before this overload block ends.

The overload block is to simulate the first four days of the EMR.  Day 1 is 125 miles with no specific climb plan.  Day 2 is 100 miles with a 6k climb.  Day 3 is 10,000 feet of climbs on steep roads (by steep I mean 10-14% grades most of which are between 7,500 and 8,200 feet elevation.  Nasty, evil day.  Day 4 is another 10,000 feet of climbs but on more moderate slopes.

There just aren't many hard days left.  On 8-19 I will ride the Deer Creek Century which has 12,000 feet of climbs including a real nasty, steep climb the last 11 miles.  I might go hard one more week after that but no more.

Getting close, I am really excited, and starting to wish I had another month to get ready.

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