Monday, August 13, 2012

Four Weeks to Go

Actually, as I post this, only 27 days until I start riding and 26 days until I leave for the Eastern Mt Ride (EMR).  This week was another high volume week riding 357 miles and training for 27 hours.  The real story in the weeks training was the intensity.  I climbed 20,055 feet and pushed the first 100 miles on both Saturday and Sunday trying to hit a six hour elapsed time for 100 miles.  I didn't make it either day.  On Saturday I hit a twenty mile section of really strong headwinds and on Sunday I had to return home to oil my chain.  Nevertheless both days I was in the 6:30 elapsed time.  With the forced pace and climbs my TSS for the week was 1330  and KCal was 11,167.  Both greater than anything I have ever recorded.

Of course I am very tired with a TSB of -71 and have to have an easy week this week.  Hopefully all that work will turn into a training response and I'll be stronger for it.  With the cancellation of the Deer Creek Century next Sunday I have more flexibility in how I taper.  Certainly I will continue to do steep climbs; I need every bit of power I can develop.  But whether I will mix in some long days at this point I will have to wait and see.

It is best to start a PAC Tour ride fully rested than at peak conditioning.  Seventeen days of climbing will wear me down.

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