Monday, August 27, 2012

Getting Ready

Twelve days and a wake up (barely since the Super Shuttle picks me up at 2:50 am) and I am riding the Eastern Mountain Tour.  I will send out the itinerary and a link to this blog this coming weekend.  I pack my bike and send it to the start on Friday.  I get the final tune up tomorrow. 

Tapering has been going well.  My legs feel much stronger as the fatigue is worked out.  This morning my fatigue is -0.4 (TSB) and my fitness is still very high at 116 (CTL).  But I still expect and want that to change.  I will do only three serious rides this week.  Probably all will be 3,000 feet climbs with either rest or recovery days for the balance.  I would like to hit a TSB of +10 and a CTL above 110 but 100 would be great.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my CycleOps Joule 2 computer.  The battery is supposed to last 20 hours but I have only been getting about 9.  CycleOps sent me a new battery which didn't do anything.  After formating the Joule the Joule is really acting strange.  CycleOps is sending me a new one.  Whatever you have to say about the products at CycleOps the people there are terrific. 

Weekly summary:  Total training time 19 hrs, miles 244, TSS 837, KJ 7665, and total climbs 14,500 feet.

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