Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Fatigue or Bad Fatigue

I am pushing hard now and have raised my CTL above 115 and am packing a lot of riding in blocks.  Last week I trained 25:36 hours, rode 367 miles, had a TSS of 1136 and burned 10,390 KCal.  By far the most training I have ever done in a week.

But the cost is my fatigue level (TSB) has been below -20 for two weeks and below -48 most of this week.  I have to train my body to work fatigued because there are no days off on the Eastern Mountain Ride. This is where I need an experienced coach.  I don't know if I should continue to push training my body to work tired or I should back off and absorb some of this training.

Probably the best choice is to back off a few days and recover and then punch it hard again Thursday through Monday.  I am sure I am already fit enough and don't want to hurt myself.  My body says take it easy (but my body might just be lazy).

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