Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nineteen Days to Go and On Plan

Nineteen days until the Eastern Mountain Tour (EMT) begins and my tapering is going well.  Last week was planned as an easy week with the intention of improving my fatigue level (TSB).  So I cut my training in half.
Total Training Time 12:40 hrs, miles 146, TSS 606, Kcal 5086, and total climbs 9700 feet.

My recovery has been much faster than I expected and rides on Sunday and Monday were very strong.  So strong that I decided that the threshold power used was too low.  I increased it by 10% improving the deepest TSB from -75 to -60 and giving me a TSB of -9.7 Monday versus -60 the week before and a CTL of 115 versus 118 the Monday before.

CTL goes to 120 after Monday’s workout and is 10 points higher than I expect to start the EMT.  I really only hoped for a CTL of 100.

Monday started the next phase of my tapering.  This week I am doing rides with 5,000 feet of climbs and 60 miles on Monday, Thursday and Sunday with recovery, easy, or rest days in between.  The last two weeks I will do 3,000 feet of climbs on Tuesday and Friday and depending upon how my rest is coming I may add one or two 100 mile rides.

All the climbs will include the 19.2 mile climb, 3,000 feet climb up James Canyon with the last two miles being 10-14 degree climbs at 8,000 feet.  Very hard for me.

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