Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tapering and Stuff

A flurry of activity this week.  CycleOps sent me a new Joule computer to replace the one that would not pair or connect to their software.  The new one is so much better.  I apparently had a bad one from the start and it just finally died.  Great people to work with.  Typical Wisconsinites. 

Got this picture of a flock of turkeys crossing Lefthand Canyon.  There must have been about 15 of them.  This was on the way down.  On the way up there was a black bear.  I didn't see the bear, another cyclist did, but I did see where he came through the stream and crossed the road.

Speaking of Lefthand Canyon, I went to see the Pro Cycling Challenge last Saturday.  Spent most of the day at Amanti's watching the race on the TV and then when the race turned onto Lefthand Canyon I walked up to the intersection of Lee Hill and Broadway to watch them make the 90 degree turn on to Broadway.  Very exciting and very festive. 

The Eastern Mountain Tour is very close. I started packing my bike today (Thursday) and will ship it tomorrow.  Most of my bag is also packed. 

My tapering isn't getting me as refreshed as I wanted--and I am told that is to be expected.  According to my software I am out of the fatigue hole but my legs still don't have the pop I expect and I feel lethargic.  Still there is more than a week to go.

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