Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arrival Day in Atlanta

My Bike is Ready to Roll

Traveling was really easy.  I got up at 2:30 and the Super Shuttle arrived at 2:45.  Picked up only one other person and got us to DIA at 3:50.  Way early.  The flight to Atlanta arrived 20 minutes early.  Geoff, who I planned to share a cab with, arrived from Boston early too.

I had forgotten how hot and humid the Southeast can be.  Yuk.  It is 90 degrees in Stockbridge GA just south of the Atlanta airport.  And it is humid so that my glasses steam up when I go outside.  Supposed to be better tomorrow.  Ride starts at 7:30 tomorrow just after sunrise at 7:17.  It is 122 miles and 6,200 feet of climbs but the climbs are pretty short.  Just there are lots of them.  Should be a fairly easy day.  But I will be riding below my all-day, endurance pace saving energy for later, harder days.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Larry - make sure you drink alot!!! That humidity is a killer. Stay Safe!
Keith SQ