Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Asheville to Boone NC

Hard to describe this ride.  The climbs today were hard but not as unrelentingly long.  So for many miles the day seemed a little easier.  But as the day wore on those climbs began to wear us down.  By the end of the ride we had cycled 98.5 miles and climbed 11,001 (yes, and one) feet.  We were out 10.25 hrs and cycled 8 hrs and 50 min.  One way of comparing the effort is the Calories used.  Today's ride burned 3670 Calories and yesterday, 3,480.  The Calories burned over the first four days of the ride: 3,660, 3,040, 3,480 and 3,680. 

I have on my bike a device that actually measured the amount of work done and that is easily converted to Calories.  Anyone really interested I can go into detail.

Setting Up for Breakfast
I am getting tired of oatmeal for breakfast.  I would love to get some eggs or pancakes but I also don't want to get up early enough to go find it.  Eating oatmeal takes five minutes.

Love/Hate Tunnels

There are 25 tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I love not having to climb the mountains the tunnel goes through.  But I hate going through the tunnels.  They are dark and scary.  In some tunnels you can't see the other end because they curve.   And they are really dark so you ride between the lines and hope the cars behind you see the zillion flashing tail lights I have.


Susan Oselio said...

Hi Larry!
So I want to many calories are you eating per day burning over 3,000 calories a day biking?
You're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry!
So very proud of you! Keep a rolln'! Wishing you safe journeys, especially in those tunnels!