Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Training Summary--One Week to Go

August was my heaviest training month despite starting to taper early.  Total training hours 81:23, total miles 1081, TSS 3610, kj of 33471 and total climbs of about 50,000 feet. 

The Eastern Mountain Tour begins with dinner on Saturday the 8th and begins at 6:30 EDT Sunday.  My bike is on its way via FedEx.  I did a trail packing of my bag to check on weight.  Max weight is 40 lbs and I want under 35.  First try was 35.7 so I'm feeling pretty good.

But the first week of weather looks like rain.  That complicates packing.  In Colorado I know that the rain in the mountains will be cold.  Will the eastern rain we warm or cold.  Do I pack total inclement weather gear or will just a light wind breaker.  I have packed it all.

Then there is the south to north route.  It will be hot in Atlanta but what will it be in Portland.  Probably a lot cooler and maybe cold.  I am staying in Portland for three days so I need to carry something more than my REI wash-in-a-sink stuff. 

Did a fast 50 mile ride today (9-1) and my legs are feeling very good.  Tomorrow is a rest day.  Monday I will ride a couple of hours.  Overall I will ride most every day this week but I plan on being very well rested next Sunday when the riding gets serious.

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Linda B. said...

Way to go!! Looking forward to tracking your progress.