Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cold Starts

Today we entered New York state, the sixth of nine states we will cycle through.  Of the nine, I had only cycled in Georgia before.

The last two days the weather has been cold most of the day.  When we left this morning it was 41 and yesterday it was 43.  Both days I kept my leg warmers on all day and kept my wind breaker on nearly the entire ride.  In the sun it was warm and the climbs were hot but the descents and valleys were cold. 

Today's ride was 94 miles with a cumulative climb of 6,360 feet.  A lot of time today was riding in valleys.  Very pretty farm country.  The last two days have been in farm country and with neat farms and houses.  The small towns are in trouble, just like everywhere, but the farms seem to be doing just fine.

As of today I have cycled 1,120 miles in 12 days. 

Here are some other pictures from the last few days.

The only picture I could find an Amish buggy.  Not very good.

The best picture I could find of what it was like riding in the hard rain.  None of these riders is me.


Sherrie Chambers said...

Hi Larry!

Sounds like you've seen some beautiful countryside! Too bad there was no time for more pictures. You're so close to the end now, so hang in there! Hope you are getting some good meals, and I'm sure you're making some great new friends. I'm still amazed at this feat!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,
From reading your blogs you seem to be on top of things completely. I am amazed at the amount of vertical you are riding. How is the vertical being measured?
I did a one day 120 mile 8000' (by my garmin 500) so I am in awe of you doing this kind of ride day after day.
Cheers, Dave (T)