Monday, September 10, 2012

Commerce GA to Cherokee NC

Nice Row of Bikes Ready for the Day
Pretty hard day.  Weather remains great but today we were mostly on a four-lane highway with little shoulder and a rumble strip in what there was for a shoulder.  So all day long we had cars and trucks racing past us at 60mph just off our shoulder.  That made us tense and then because of the rumble strip we were trying to ride a path about a foot wide with lots of road junk in it.  No one was harassing us--just off to do their business--but it made for a tense ride.

As predicted the climbs are becoming longer and steeper.  Today was 110 miles and 7,500 feet of climbs but about 5,000 of that was in the last 35 miles.  Todays ride took 8 hours exactly of ride time and 9:23 total time.  I rode with Kay, Stan and Chris and we rode today slower than yesterday on purpose.  Then we stopped to wait for one person or another which added total time. 

Crossing into North Carolina
Tomorrow we enter the Blue Ridge Parkway and ride to Asheville.  Should be interesting!  There are lots of steep climbs and lots of long tunnels which are really scary on a bike.  Hope my light is good enough.


Anonymous said...

Blue Ridge Parkway should be a great ride. Hopefully the roads will get better. Cars and Trucks swishing by at 60 and rumble strips, that makes for a tough day!!

Stay Safe!


Pauline said...

Hi Larry, We are following you. Looks like it is tough but the weather is good. Be careful.
Thinking of you
Pauline and Svein

Anonymous said...

It all looks hard to us. Keep up your strength.

Jean and Bob