Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 9 to Breezewood PA

We headed north today mostly on hwy 522 for 96 miles, 7,940 ft of climbs and a very eventful day.

The signature event of the ride was the last 25 miles advertised as “The hardest 25 miles you have ever ridden.” Well, I don’t know about that. It was indeed hard with two climbs of about 1.8 miles with a steady grade of 12% with kickups to 18% (which is REALLY steep). And lots of 9% climbs.

But the ride from Idaho Springs to the top of Loveland Pass is really hard. And the opening climb from Cherokee, NC on to the Blue Ridge Pkwy was really hard. The ride today left me staggered but not destroyed.

Kay, who has been really hammering leaving Chris and me far behind, crumpled and rode the truck over the last 25 miles. She did the right thing.

The second event of the day was the route. It went left Virginia into West Virginia then into Maryland ending at Breezewood Pennsylvania.

For the third event I became the oldest rider. The two men slightly older left the tour after finishing the Skyline Drive. Apparently that was there goal all along. Two new riders joined today. A couple from Superior CO got in last night and rode today. They were behind us but I suspect they were just getting their legs.

Tomorrow is gonna suck. It will rain hard all morning and into the afternoon. Then the winds will increase with gusts to 40mph. 108 mile ride with 8,000 ft of climbs.

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