Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great First Day

Great first day ride. The weather did get much better than yesterday. It was 65 when the ride began and topped out at 92. The humidity was much lower and there some wind mostly in our face which in hot, humid weather is better than at your back.

It is really complicated getting out of a city and avoiding traffic. The route we followed was as complicated as it gets with 13 turns in the first 25 miles. Many of these turns were on side streets and through neighborhoods. Complicating things more, the streets/roads here go in all directions (not just E, W, S, and N) and you can’t see for the trees.

I am terrible at following a cue sheet so I try to get with a group that looks like they know what they are doing. Unfortunately the two Australians I followed were only a little better than me and we made a wrong turn that added a mile and half. Later, with only 10 miles to go and riding alone, I made another wrong turn and added two miles plus. So in total today I rode 125 miles and climbed 7,600 feet.

Had dinner with Matthlas from Munich. He is a very strong rider and only 50 (cheater) and has been doing these rides since 1995. Talked with Kay from Boulder at one of rest stops. There are four riders from Colorado (Kay and I from Boulder and Karla and Chip from Superior).

Any time a ride goes 120 or miles it is a long day. I was out 9.5 hours and rode 8:26. Tomorrow is 109 miles and 7,000 feet of climbs but most of the climb comes after mile 71. First real taste of what is to come.

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Anonymous said...

Larry, just got back from vacation to see you are on your way. Good luck with the tour. I'll be following your progress.