Sunday, September 23, 2012

Into New Hampshire--Day 15

Crossed Vermont today and just entered New Hampshire on a 91 mile, 6,270 ft climb day.  Weather was cool with favorable winds. 

The 120 mile ride Friday probably was the peak for me.  At this point the cumulative fatigue has overcome my ability to recover each day.  The climb into the Green Mountains was harder than it should have been.  Tomorrow there are some very long climbs into the White Mountains but it is a short, 75 mile, day.

Spending the night in Woodsville, NH.  All the restaurants close at 2pm on Sunday.  But one agreed to reopen at 5 to serve us dinner.  We stormed the place and made it worth their time. 

Only two rides left.  Tomorrow's ride in the White Mountains and then the 105 mile into Portland.  I am ready to be done.


Anonymous said...

will there be anything left to you after all those calories you've expended? you're our hero. be safe the rest of the ride!

jean and bob

Sherrie Chambers said...

Hi Larry!
Wow, it looks like it was a tough weekend. Just remember "no pain, no gain." Once you're done, you'll need to "gain" some calories I'm sure.... Amazed and proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, How much weight have you lost on this trip?! You are looking very trim! Nice job on the blog and the hills!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a ride!! Off Road adventures like wading streams, gravel roads. It sounds like you should be doing an adventure race with Carl and I!!!! May the winds be at your back!! Finish strong!

Susan Oselio said...

Very challenging weekend! You're almost done and everyone is cheering you on! May the winds be at your back and the roads be smooth with no detours!
Keep pumping those legs.