Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long Day 11 to Clark's Summit PA

You can imagine the stunned riders when it was announced that today's ride would include 10,600 ft of climbs instead of the 7,000 on the itinerary.  It was already going to be a long day riding with a plan of 126 miles riding but adding 3,600 ft  adds about two hours.  But what is a rider to do.

So today was a really long day; longest of the tour.  I rode for 9 hrs and 25 mins and was out for 10 hrs and 35 min.  Distance was 127.2 miles and cumulative climb was 10,100 ft. 

With a ride this long there is no time for pictures and that is a shame.  We went through Amish country and saw several carriages.  The carriages and bikes riding into the dawn would have made a great picture.  But who has the time.

Very, very tired tonight.  Tomorrow is much easier and unless there is another "typo" the big climbing days are over and there is only one really long distance day left.


Susan Oselio said...


Tough day yesterday! Hope the legs are holding up. How many days sleep are you going to take after this big ride is over?
Safe biking!


Pauline said...

Still following you and wishing you the best' It sounds awfully rough at times. Rain is not fun. Hope it was better today. Hang in there. Monica comes this evening so we are heading to the airport soon. Keep safe.
Pauline and Svein

Larry said...

Thank you Susan and Pauline. It is a hard ride but I expected that. Rain made it hard but I expected rain as well. Can't be out this time of year for 17 days and not get some days with rain. I hope I don't get snow but I have cloths for that too.

Anonymous said...

GO, Larry GO. It has been great read.