Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looking Around Portland with Gail

I felt much better by 2pm yesterday.  

Went to see Gail Perry and she took me on a tour of Portland which I really appreciated and enjoyed.  It would have been a waste not to see the town.  Not having lived on the ocean, everything about a seaport is new to me.

Gail even took me to LL Bean so I could get some presents for Sawyer.  That little bag is a small LL Bean bag filled with little things for her.  Might even be some candy in there but don't tell Robin.  
Gail invited some of her friends over for a lobster dinner with seafood appetizers.  And blueberry pie.  I learned a lot about how to eat a lobster.  Ate everything including the roe (Gail had asked for female lobsters!) and the liver.  Lobster meat gets a 10, roe a 7, and the liver of a lobster is as unappetizing as liver in general (and its green).

Today Gail and I are having lunch at a Mexican restaurant (Portland is a Mexican food hot spot?) and then off to Orino to see by college roommate and wife David and Shellie.

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Susan Oselio said...

Green lobster liver; ICK! Sounds like Portland is a fun place otherwise.
Glad you seem to be recovering physically.
When do you get back home? I'm sure Sawyer can't wait for her goodies!