Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Portland, Day 17

Arrived Portland after a 106 mile ride with 4,800 ft of climbs.  There were a couple of time requirements today so the pace was fast.  I rode with Stan and Chris for the last 30 miles in a quick pace.  No time for pictures.  My legs are shot.  Climbs I would have done in the big ring two weeks ago now I have dropped down to the small ring, small gear and do so approaching the climb.

Gonna take a week to ten days off.

Without question the story of the tour is the Lesters, Greg and Zach.  Greg is Zach's father.  Zach, I believe, has Down's Syndrome, and is 22.  They rode a tandem with Greg doing a huge job of cycling up these mountains.  It was an awesome display of cycling power and dedicated parenting.  Everyone was touched.

The PAC Tour team keeps a map of the ride and auctions it to support the charities PAC supports--another touching story.  Jonathan Page, a doctor from Australia, paid $2,100.  and gave the map to Zach.

The best part of these tours is the other cyclists.

Thanks to everyone that followed my ride.  Knowing that some people are interested and making an occasional comment really helps when I get tired.

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