Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rainy Day to Lamar (Mill Hall) PA

As expected this was a rainy day.  We started in heavy rain about 7:30 this morning and it rained continuously until about 1pm.  It was raining so hard at lunch we were struggling with our motivation to get going again.  So we waited out a particularly hard shower and headed out.  And it stopped raining hard, we got a strong tail wind, and cruised the last 30 miles.  108 miles and 8,050 feet of climbs.

Out little group fractured again today.  Kay showed up at breakfast in street cloths strongly signaling she wasn't going to ride in the rain.  Chris hesitated and since I didn't want to ride at the back, alone, I wavered.  But it isn't a Colorado rain.  It isn't freezing cold.  And we had more than enough wet weather gear.  So we screwed up out motivation and Chris and I went out.

The challenge was going down the steep hills.  The leaves are falling here and when they are wet the road is slick.  Chris is a timid descender anyway so the wet road and leaves had her very scared and very slow.  I went carefully as well but faster and then waited.

All in all a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry!
Please be safe in all that rain. You are doing GREAT! Keep a roll'n!

Take care!

Susan Oselio said...

Hey Larry!
I like your picture by the 18% grade; we should have used that in your office profile.
Hope today is going better than yesterday regarding the weather.
Keep on biking!