Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skyline Drive--Waynesboro to Front Royal

Today we rode the Skyline Drive from Waynesboro to Front Royal.  The planned ride was 115 miles and 10,100 feet of climbs. 

But first some background.

These rides are timed.  One of the times is the recommended time to reach each rest area.  If you are too fast (n/a for me) the cyclist outpaces support.  If too slow the support vehicle  can't get to its next stop in time to support the fastest riders.  The second time is the pace needed to finish the distance in the allotted time which is in this case running out of daylight.  This is the "drop dead time" and if you arrive after this time you are carried forward in the SAG truck.

Chris and I arriving at the SAG

We arrived at the checkpoint at 11:52 with the drop dead time 12:00.  So we had a choice and we took a ride.  We rode the SAG truck to lunch, 27 miles down the road, 3,000 feet of climbs and past the highest point on the Skyline Drive. 

Made the ride sweet.  Total ride 89 miles, 7910 ft climb, and 7 hrs and 41 minutes on the bike.

Tomorrow we leave the mountains and head into Pennsylvania. 

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Susan Oselio said...

Hey Larry!
Looks like a rough riding weekend but you made it through! Keep up the good work. Rootin' for you!