Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stinker of a Ride

As planned, I rode to the first rest stop at mile 27 and 3,000 ft of climbs because I knew that I could not make the full 130 miles and 12,000 ft in any reasonable time.  If this were a one-day effort it would be different but I have been riding hard for a week and have ten days to go.  I have to conserve energy and manage recovery. 

As it was the day was really hard at 103 miles and 9,000 ft of climbs.  We arrived at the first rest stop in the van at 8:30 and finished the ride at 6.  There were several long climbs but the worst was a 12 mile descent to the James River and then a 12 mile climb back to the top.  Ugh!

The weather continues to be excellent but it is expected to change in a couple of days.  Possibly Monday but most likely Tuesday we will be riding in the rain.  Riding in the rain isn't particularly unpleasant if the rain isn't too hard, there aren't too many steep descents, and there aren't too many flats (junk gets washed into the road and sticks to the wet tires).  It can be a challenge managing body heat was well.  Usually in Colorado you get too cold but here, with the humidity, it might be hard to keep cool under the wet weather gear.

Tomorrow is another tough day with 115 miles of riding and 10,100 ft of climbs which is longer than on the published itinerary.  I haven't decided if I will ride the entire way or catch a ride part way.

Leaving a Rest Stop


Cisco Sanchez said...

Looks like you are doing great! Glad to see you are still riding hard!

Go Larry Go!

jean & bob fischer said...


we're thinking of you all that effort and thank heaven it's not us! sounds like you're in very good spirits and doing really well. best wishes for the rest of the ride.

jean and bob

Larry said...

Thanks everyone. Things are going well. I am enjoying myself and not pushing it so hard that I am miserable.