Monday, September 24, 2012

Wonderful Day--Day 16 to Conway NH

Climbing up to Kancamagus Pass
A great day even if it did start out really cold.  It was 39 when we started this morning and it didn't warm up much all day.  I was not in my coldest cloths but close.  

The day started with two big climbs in the White Mountains.  The first climb wasn't bad but the second, over Kancamagus Pass, was going to be a bugger.  According to the cue sheet it was a steep, 23 mile climb.  On this trip steep means 10-14%.  But it is the last big climb of the tour so I gritted my teeth and started to grind.

But the grade stayed at 7-8% and I kept expecting after each curve for the road to kick up.  It didn't.  And then after climbing 13 miles I am at the summit.  The cue sheet is off 10 miles.  WAHOO!

The downhill was steep and very cold and 5 of the 10 miles the cue sheet was off was recaptured on the downhill but who cares.  It was downhill.

Ran into a bit of rain at the end of the ride and waited it out at a Burger King drinking coffee. 

Only 65 miles and 4600 feet of climbs.  Sweet.

Tomorrow is the last ride.  As always the days seem to grind by and then suddenly it is the last day.  Ready to be done and have really enjoyed the other cyclists.

Me, Chris and Kay in Matching Windbreakers


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice views!!! Congrats on the grind and don't you love it when you are expecting the worse and then summit early to a downhill. Good luck today on the last ride!!

Susan Oselio said...

Beautiful scenery!
Good job on the climb and Happy Last Day of Biking!
What an awesome accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Go Larry! One more day!!!