Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Looking Back and Looking Forward

A quick summary of the Eastern Mountain Tour (EMT).  I actually rode 1670 miles which is 80 miles short of the advertised total distance.  That sounds about right.  I was pulled forward twice and didn't do any of the optional routes.  I didn't know how to adjust my FTP for the change in altitude or even if I should so my TSS and CTL are based on my Colorado FTP.  My highest TSS for a day was 579!  That same day was the longest day at 9:24 riding and 4,072 KCal.  Three days were over 120 miles and three days had climbs of 11,000 feet or more (one of those also being 120 miles).  My CTL peaked at 193 and my ATL peaked at 393.  These are huge numbers.

The ride was definitely the hardest ride I have ever done and will not do another that hard and long.  It has taken me five weeks to be fully recovered and for the first three I really was healing a lot.  I used October to heal up and absorb the training benefit of the EMT.

October has also been a transition month, riding 300 miles and training 25 hours.  I have restarted my core classes, lifting, jogging, and some interval work on the bike.

November (tomorrow) I will start my winter work trying to build more strength and power.  I have a pretty good winter training plan from last year which I will use it as my starting plan  But fortunately I am not building from the fitness hole I was in last year because of the accident.  In fact, I am probably stronger than I have ever been the first of November and my weight is the lowest in at least twenty years. 

I have no specific plans for rides in 2013 other than I will not do anything longer than 14 days and most likely no longer than 7. 

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