Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting 2013

The 2013 is off to a good, not great, start.  From a power perspective I am at least two months ahead of 2012 and my weight is at least four months ahead.  But keeping my weight under control is a struggle.

It is cold in Colorado right now and the streets are snow covered or covered with those little rocks used here instead of salt.  Regardless, outside riding is risky and really doesn’t do me any good.

About the only thing I could accomplish if I went outside is a long ride.  It really is too cold to do really intense intervals.  I would be sucking too much cold air and then getting really chilled.  So everything is on a trainer so far this year.

Only real update is that PAC Tours has cancelled the Southern Transcontinental so that will not be my third optional ride this summer.  I have no idea what or if I will have a third event this summer.

Should hear Monday the 14th that I have a slot on the Double Triple Bypass.  It should be no trouble getting a slot.  The Ride the Rockies will not announce its route and take requests until Feb 2nd.  That is more problematic.

January summary thru 1-12:  21 hours of training, 216 miles, and a TSS of 688.

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