Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Update

First a couple of nods.  My neighbors competed in the national and world cyclocross championships and did extraordinarily well.  Kristin finished second in her age group at worlds and David was 23rd in his.  Outstanding!  I am very impressed.

On another note, my friend and was-to-be ski partner Cliff hurt his knee skiing.  He doesn't know how badly yet and whether it is just a bad strain or worse. 

Very productive training in January.  I rode 471 miles and trained for 40 hours.  Most of the cycling was on a trainer and pretty high intensity.  In addition, I did a lot of yoga, Pilates, and P90X. 

Some comparisons with 2012 are difficult.  My CTL is essentially the same as last year but last year I was recording non-cycling training and assigning it a TSS.  This year I am only measuring cycling. 

But the one measure that I am very confident in is the Mean Max Power measure.  That gives me the maximum power produced for any time interval.  Right now I am stronger than I was at any time last year.  Stronger is not the same as endurance.  I clearly am not capable of riding ten hours right now. 

But I just want to build strength and keep a reasonable level of endurance.

Signed up for the Ride the Rockies.  Now to wait a month and see if I get selected.

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