Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snowy March

With a week to go in March I am falling a little behind in my endurance riding but doing well enough in building power.

Comparing last year with this: last year in the first three months I rode 1,426 miles and had a TSS of 6510 (TSS total stress score--a measure of how hard the training is).  This year, with a week to go, I have rode 953 miles and have a TSS of 4,037.

Another measure is CTL (cumulative training load) which on 4-1-12 was 69 and this year is 50.

These measures tell me my endurance is behind where it was last year and with only eleven weeks until the Ride the Rockies I should be a little nervous but I am not.  Power-wise I am ahead of last year.  In fact, I am stronger at my critical time points (1, 5, 20 and 60 minutes) than I have ever been.  So unless we have a snowy April I have plenty of time to build endurance.

And the Ride the Rockies is no where near as hard a ride as I have been doing.  Not even half as hard.

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