Sunday, March 10, 2013

Struggling to Get Serious

No sooner than I had declared it time to pick up the training pace that things went off track.  First, the grand babies got sick at daycare and needed to stay will us a few more days.  Then I came down with a nasty cold—probably from the daycare germ factory.  Then we needed to move my wife’s mother to a better care facility (which is really hard and emotionally draining).  And finally, while still struggling with a cold that prevented any really high intensity training, my cousin arrived for our annual skiing trip.

So instead of getting back to serious training in mid-February, it is the end of the first week of March and my overall conditioning has declined. 

By the way, my skiing really sucks this year.  For some reason my upper quad on my left leg really hurts while skiing.  Got to see Nathan about that.

I did lock down my summer riding plans.  I did get selected in the Ride the Rockies (RTR) lottery and have rooms.  My rides this year will be Ride the Rockies (June 8-June 15, Telluride to Colorado Springs), Bicycle Tour of Colorado (June 22-June 29 loop from Canon City to Carbondale and back) and the Double Trip Bypass.

I am constructing a new map to show my routes and climbs in Colorado.  It is a little tricky given the limitations of Google Maps.

This was the most productive week I have had early January--121 miles, 8 hours of training (and six skiing), 5500 KCals and TSS of 474.  Modest for future weeks but at least it represents some good work.

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