Sunday, April 21, 2013


After another week with snow my training is so far behind that I needed to get realistic and re-plan.  When I looked at what I am doing compared to what I had planned I found I am about four weeks behind.  For example, my long ride this week should have been 70 miles and 6k' of climbs.  But my long ride was 63 miles and 4400' of climbs.  I should have 180 miles this week and climbed 12k' but I only rode 155 miles and climbed 6560'.  It is the climbing that really has to be done in the canyons where I have fallen behind and that just can't be made up.

I moved my training plan back four weeks.  It is still enough of a plan to get me to the RTR and BTC in excellent shape provided I can execute it.  For example, next week the bad weather comes in Monday and Tuesday and then it looks like a long stretch of good weather.

Next week's plan starting on Monday is:

Easy: RM 15/1k
Climb: 4k
Climb: 4k
Long: 5hr, 60 miles, 5K
Easy: EM 25/1k

With an overall plan on 160 miles and 10k' of climbs.  Obviously there is room in the weekly plan for things to go wrong or to be skipped (e.g. the second 4k climb).

RM: recovery miles, CR: climbing repeats.

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