Monday, April 15, 2013

Snow and Other Training

It snowed 13 inches in Boulder on Tuesday, April 9th, which drove me inside.  Still I was able to do some outside rides and got one 4400' climb in on Friday.  But the weekend was a bust for training.  Saturday I watched my grandchildren all afternoon--which I absolutely love to do--but you can't go cycling and watch them at the same time.  I did do a short trainer ride in the morning but the weather was too cold to really go out.

Sunday and Monday were complete misses for any training.  A member of the family had a serious health issue that totally--I mean I had to have someone come over and let the dog out a few times totally--took Sunday and Monday to get under control.  The side effects of that health problem will affect my training for days to come.

But in the priority of things a sick family member is WAY higher than riding my bike.

Training summary for week ending 4/14:  10:20 training, 122 miles, TSS=405, KCal=3851 and total climbs 7,240'.

Now it is snowing again and will snow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday accumulations of more than a foot followed by a couple of cold days.  Again, training will be impacted.

But with less than 8 weeks until the Ride the Rockies (RTR) begins I am not concerned.  The RTR just isn't that hard.  The toughest day is day 4 over Wolf Creek (10,857) at 91 miles and 4,700 feet of climbs.  Piece of cake.

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