Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tulips and Cyclists Don't Like April Snow

Boulder had four feet of snow in April!  And it will snow again tonight (April 30) and all day tomorrow with some forecasts calling for 10" of snow.  After a March where there were lots of "life" things taking priority over cycling, all the snow in April has put me further behind.

This last week was the first week in some time when I hit plan riding 200 miles (versus plan of 160) and climbing 11K feet (versus plan of 10K).  But that was on the revised plan I mentioned last week where I noted I was at least a month behind and had to revise my training to accept it.

Now I have more confirmation.  In April I rode 690 miles, trained 55.5 hours, total TSS of 2322, total KCal of 22536 and climbed just short of 35k'.  Those numbers are almost exactly what I did in March 2012 and short of what I did in April 2012.  Through April I am only 162 miles short of same first four months last year  having rode 2026 miles.  But when I look at the intensity of the rides as measured by TSS a clearer story comes out.  Jan-Apr 2012 TSS was 9391.  This year it is 6800.  That is more than 25% less (e.g. a month behind).

Really, really fortunate that I am not doing something really hard and long in July.

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