Sunday, May 5, 2013

Breakthrough Week and it Snowed Another Foot

First the bad news, from April 1st through May 1st it snowed five feet in Boulder.  That snow and the sand and gravel put on the roads have really impacted training.  Thank goodness for the guy who drives the road sweeper as usually within two days of the storm most of the roads are rideable.  Lefthand Canyon is always messy as it gets a lot of sand put on it but never seems to get swept.  It is nasty coming down at 30mph and trying to stay in a little clear path about a foot wide.

On to the good news.  My fitness has always made step function jumps.  No gradual improvements for me.  Struggle at one level for a long time and then one day there is a marked improvement.  This was the week when every measure of fitness and power moved.  Most impressive to me was that I was able to complete a 60 minute ride at threshold average power.

Climbing was easier this week and I was once again able to complete a strong week of training to plan.  Numbers for the week:  13:15 hours training, 185 miles, 5688 KCal, 10,500' of climbs and a TSS of 641.

The hard ride of the week was a five hour, 5120' climb, 70 mile ride.

Good week.  Next week the weather looks iffy so the plan is try and get three days of rest and four hard days in.  Plan:

Rest Mon
Climb: 4k  Tue
Rest Wed
Climb: 5k or trainer interval work Thu
Easy: EM 25/1k or rest Fri
Long: 5hr, 70 miles, 6K Sat
Easy: EM 25/1k or balance of climbing Sun

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