Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nine Days of Overload

I held pretty close to plan for the overload period.  In nine days (eight riding and one off) I rode 345 miles and climbed 21,000 feet.  The last week, again with a day off, I rode 17:45 hours, 253 miles, had TSS of 772 and burned 7470 KCal.

Now I start managing my rest.  Monday is Memorial Day and since I was hit by a truck two years ago on this weekend I am staying out of the canyons.  I will rest tomorrow (and continue my yard work overload), do a hard, long ride on Tuesday, rest Wednesday, and begin tapering Thursday which is eleven days before the Ride the Rockies begins.

The Ride the Rockies will be an overload week too going 513 miles and 20k' of climbs.  But I am totally ready for it.

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