Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well I Screwed this Week Up

No sooner had I decided on an overload week then things went wrong.  On Monday I set out for a long climb and immediately knew my legs weren't there.  I really had not set myself up for an overload week.  The previous few weeks were steady at 180 miles plus and 10k' of climbs.  My legs were tired.  My TSB was -41.

Then on Tuesday I started out and heard a "scrunch, scrunch .." kind of like a dragging brake.  But none of my brakes were dragging.  Rode up to Boulder Cycle Sport and they looked it over and gave me some suggestions.  I rode home and proceeded to tear my bike down, change the saddle, clean it up, and did everything I know how to do.  Scrunch, scrunch.

On Wednesday I took a spare wheel in and had a cassette put on.  The scrunch sound went away.  Back to the shop to leave my bike.  They plan to take the powertap apart and overhaul the bearings.  I am busy on Thursday and Friday.  The mechanics are great to work me in without an appointment.

Friday afternoon I come to pick up my bike and on the test ride....Scrunch, scrunch.  The overhaul of the powertap bearings had no effect.  But a different mechanic says he knows where the problem is, adds some grease somewhere and gives me the bike.

At this point I am pretty rested.  My TSB has fallen from -41 to -4.  I ride 10 feet and hear the scrunch, scrunch.  But maybe, I rationalize, it will take a while for the grease to work all the way in.  And after about 7 miles the bike is running silent.

But Sunday the scrunch, scrunch is back and after 7 miles it goes away.  Now I am really into my overload week plus (explained in a minute) and I need my powertap.  So unless something obviously wrong comes up, I will ride with the scrunch, scrunch for another week.

The plan now is over nine days starting with Saturday (5-18) to ride 300 miles and climb 23,000'.  That will bring me to less than two weeks before the Ride the Rockies begins.  At that point I will reconfigure my bike for the RTR and begin tapering.

Anyway, that's the plan.

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