Friday, July 12, 2013

June Summary

June mileage was the highest ever for a June and the third most miles I have ever rode in a month at 1,233 miles.  The most mileage ever was the Southern Transcontinental in September 2008 at 2,914 miles.  Next most was last year's Eastern Mountain Tour also in September at 1,714 miles.

This has also been a huge twelve months of riding.  From July 2012 through June 2013 total mileage 9,093 miles which is at least 3,000 miles more than I normally ride in a year.

Of course it is the events that drive up the mileage.  This year it was the Ride the Rockies and the Bicycle Tour of Colorado.  That was almost exactly 1,000 miles of mountains although not nearly as hard as the Eastern Tour.  The map above shows the routes (red route is BTC) and the passes climbed above 10k.  There were several climbs that were hard that didn't break 10k, some easy and some quite hard.

July will be a relatively light month as I have some traveling to do but then the plan is to keep a high pace up in August and September in an effort to drive my weight down.  Losing weight is a lot harder than climbing mountains.

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