Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 2013

I had planned to ride the Triple Bypass both ways (the Double Triple Bypass-DTB) but family events took priority.  Sometimes my cycling puts hardships on others and I try to minimize that while still doing a few events.  Thus I skipped the DTB and finished my events for 2013 in June.

What to do with the rest of the summer?

July was going to be an easy month after the DTB anyway and skipping the DTB just made it easier.  I did manage to ride 635 miles and train for 44 hours.  That is pretty good considering there was an entire week where I only rode once for 27 miles.

I've decide to use August-October to concentrate on dropping some weight by dieting (some) and riding (a lot).  Chris Carmichael contends that most non-pro riders could use to lose ten pounds.  That definitely applies to me.  Ten pounds in three months doesn't sound hard but I have tried to lose this ten pounds way too many times think it will be easy.

I will post my weekly progress every Monday.  Maybe fantasizing that thousands of people are reading this blog, making side bets on weekly progress or lack of, and maybe a movie deal will keep me motivated because while riding my bike takes no motivation at all, eating less is just not natural for me.

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