Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 2 of 12--Introducing the Paleo Diet for Athletes

The good news is that I lost another 0.6 lbs this week.  The bad news is that I probably shouldn't have given how poorly I dieted.  I have lost 3 lbs in two weeks but it was more the volume of riding I did than any good dieting.

I rode 224 miles last week and used 6200 Kcal.

Two major changes in my dieting and riding are underway.  For dieting I am moving into the Paleo Diet for Athletes based on the recommendation of Joe Friel.  This is a transition that will take a week or two to complete as I drop out of my diet foods not allowed, shift to the foods prescribed, and learn the ends-and-outs of how the Paleo Diet is modified for endurance athletes.

For riding I have shifted to fewer bigger rides.  Instead of 30-50 mile rides I am doing 50-85 miles rides and making sure I get enough rest between.  I am also starting to walk so that I can incorporate more running into my training.  I have not run for a long time and I need to strengthen the muscles in my hips to take the weight.

As of today (Monday 8-12) I have stopped using sugar, all dairy products except skim milk, and all grains.  I have shifted to all lean meats (had a ground turkey patty with onions and hot green salsa for dinner--it was OK but certainly not a cheeseburger).

I will see how this works.  And I will report.

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