Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 3 of 12- 8-19-13

Lost 1.8 lbs bringing total to 4.8 lbs in three weeks.  That is faster than I expected but I am not complaining.

The Paleo Diet for Athletes is hard!  For several days now I have felt terrible.  Not hungry; just a sicky feeling with little energy.  The only time I felt reasonable was when I was getting ready to ride and during a ride.  That was when I would eat some carbs (in form of pancakes, syrup with an egg).  But by this weekend even that wasn't enough.

I would start a ride still feeling poor with limited power and endurance.  I had to add a bottle of gatorade before the ride.  And then that wasn't enough and I had to eat a Cliff Bar during the ride to shake the sicky feeling.  Even with these steps my power and speed have steadily dropped.  I now ride my usual 50-mile route about 5 minutes slower and am burning about 10% fewer calories per hour.

Still, the challenge is to lose that ten pounds and not ride fast.

This week totals:  215 miles, 8800' climbs, 15 hours of training, and 5700 Kcal.

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