Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some (minimal) Progress: Week 10 of 12

Finally I made some progress dropping some weight.  I am now down 7 lbs in 10 weeks.  Not exactly exciting and certainly I won't get any promotional deals but at least I am off the plateau where I have been stuck for weeks.

It seems certain that I won't hit my goal of 10 lbs in 12 weeks which leaves me to decide what is my next step.  Even the 10 lb goal left me with 5 lbs to get to BMI of under 25 and I really should lose another 5 lbs beyond that.

If you didn't bother to add that up, I really should lose 13 more lbs and that is going to be really hard.  Of course losing 20 lbs (7 + 13) is always hard but we are entering the sugar season (Halloween through Valentines Day) and the one thing this diet leaves me craving is sugar.

Then there is the reality of cycling in Colorado in the fall and winter.  I will ride in the cold as long as the roads are dry and not full of sand (sand is used instead of salt on snowy roads) and the winds are not too high.  But storms come from the west and cause very high, gusty winds here (winds at 10 mph gusting to 40) that make riding next to traffic dangerous.  Weather will force me on to a trainer a lot.

I'll set me next phase goals before next week.

Summary:  132 miles, 10:30 of training, and 4300 KCal.

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