Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lost Time

Training has taken a backseat to all kinds of things over the last three weeks.  My household guests were here for ten days and I had a blast but lots of dinners out, two movies with a large popcorn and coke, and of course my grandson's first birthday party.  I did squeeze some rides in but not a lot.

Then I caught a nasty cold.

And work had to be done on the house to fix damage from the 17 inches of rain.  The roof had to be fixed, the ceiling in the living room had to be torn out and replaced (huge job), and the backyard regraded and sodded.  All had to be supervised and took away from cycling.

But all this did give me some time to rest and think about my training and what I want to do next summer.  

I have already signed up for the Bicycle Tour of Colorado and hope to beat the lottery and get a slot in the Ride the Rockies.  In addition I plan on riding more of the paved passes over 10,000 feet that I haven't rode.  I won't finalize that plan until I know whether I make the Ride the Rockies and the route.

I am also going to do a week of miscellaneous activities in Iceland!

Oh, and my weight; well it suffered as I expected.  I gained three pounds so after all that work I am only down four pounds.

More on weight and training plans next update.

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