Saturday, November 9, 2013

October Summary

October is always a low mileage month and this October is no exception.  While I got more work in this year than 2012 with 467 miles and 33 hours of training of all kinds, it is a little light compared to other years.  Generally I do about 500 miles and 40 hours of training in October.

Over the last twelve months I have cycled 7,461 miles which is about 1,000 miles less than my highest mileage 12-month total of 8,430.  Calendar years total mileage is 5,458 in 2010 (early year was weak), 5,537 in 2011 (accident put me down for two months), 8,026 in 2012 (lots of mileage recovering from accident and 1,700 mile ride in September), and 6,591 miles so far this year.

Unless something unexpected happens I should be through the two months of house repairs and other distractions (other than the holidays) and back to full training with 31 weeks before the Ride the Rockies.

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