Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Summary--9-day training plan

I caught a cold in October and a second and then a third.  I am over them now but for at least a month I had a really nasty cold that had a large impact on training.  At least it is a long way to spring and the big rides but overall I am behind.

In November I rode 350 miles and trained 26 hours.  That is only 30 miles less than last year but last year I trained 36 hours.  This November I burned 10,216 Kcal and TSS of 1053.  Both comparable to last year.

This week was Thanksgiving week and I managed to ride 118 miles, train 8 hours, and burn 3000Kcal.

I mentioned last update that I was experimenting with a nine day cycle instead of the usual 7.  I can't make it work.  I have too many things locked to a specific day (e.g. babysitting every Wednesday).

It is 26 weeks to the Ride the Rockies (won't know if I make the cut until February) and 28 weeks to the Bicycle Tour of Colorado .

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