Sunday, December 15, 2013


Without question the colds, bad weather, and generally life intrusions into training have had a significant affect on my overall condition and my cycling power in particular.

A field test or an FTP test is called for but every time I start out to do one or the other I am so unhappy with the progress I quit.  Right now I am probably 10% below where I was at the end of the summer for power across the spectrum.

And then there is weight.  Fortunately I am very near where I was at the end of last year and have maintained my lowest average weight in decades.  But my ten pounds in twelve weeks goal only lost four pounds.  And that was just phase one of a plan to lose twenty-two pounds.  So I am still eighteen pounds from ideal.

Talking it over with my wife it is clear that my emphasis has to be on dropping at least twelve pounds.  And that assumes I can maintain my current weight through Christmas and New Years with houseguests, parties, and Christmas dinner.  Rather challenging rest of the year to say nothing of what January holds.  That means if cycling has to take a further hit in order to struggle through a hard diet then so be it.

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