Friday, January 31, 2014

January Summary: Excellent Month

Off to my best training year ever.  The weather was good in January in Colorado with enough warm, snowless days to get some good rides in.  I rode 537.5 miles in January and that is more than I have ever rode in a January.  Other data:  total training 50.3 hrs, 21,500 KCal, and TSS=1,953.

And my diet dedication (and fewer dinners and parties) improved enough that I lost 5 pounds.  That puts me a third of the way toward my very challenging weight goal of 165 and down 15 pounds.

Of course all this is part of my real goal to increase watts/kg by 10% and I won't know about that until my next CP-30 which is a couple of weeks out.

The rest of this week will be a challenge with house guests, dinners, and the Super Bowl.  And then skiing is also going to take away from cycling training.  February is usually my lowest training month averaging about 30 hours and a TSS of 1,400.  To keep on plan I will have to do better.

But January is in the bank and it was good.

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